Certified Coaches Alliance

Founded by coaches for coaches the Certified Coaches Alliance (CCA) hosts an affiliation of working Coaches from 28 countries. Our Coaches span the field of coaching including professional and executive coaches, training and coaching service providers.

Dedicated to the highest level of professionalism and standards within the realm of coaching, our purpose is to inspire, champion excellence and to advance the coaching profession through the accreditation of leading-edge and on-demand coach specific training and to represent these programs on the international stage.

Wherever you see the CCA Logo you are assured that it represents some of the foremost and effective Life Coaches, Spiritual Mentors and coach specific training in the world of coaching.

Our goal is to recognize and reinforce inquiry-based approaches in our daily interactions in an attempt to create an ever expanding culture of coaches. The CCA strives to empower our affiliated coaches to make positive, strengthening choices, enabling their clients to achieve thieir highest aspirations in both their personal and professional lives.

The CCA is developing a new “Coaching in Action," which will includes:

  • Examining the ways we will acknowledge current practices;
  • Ways to enhance your existing “coaching” activities;
  • Professional development related to coaching;
  • New coaching research;
  • New programs pioneered by our affiliated schools of training.

Our reputation for excellence in coaching is based on clear ethical standards, thorough experiential affiliated coach training, and a commitment to ongoing professional development. The CCA strives to empower our affiliated coaches to make positive, strengthening choices, enabling their clients to achieve thieir highest aspirations in both their personal and professional lives.



The CCA's primary responsibility and trust is given to:

Deliver guidelines related to coach training to ensure that the development of coach training programming adheres to the established coaching core competencies;

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Program Accreditation

The CCA is committed to supporting the highest standards of coach training. Individuals signing up for coach-specific training programs recognized by the CCA can be reassured that the program has met the stringent standard of criteria that ensures they are providing quality coach training that adheres to the accepted coaching core competencies.

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B.E.S.T. BlackLife Coaches Peer Resources

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Code of Ethics & Standards

Promoting high ethics, standards, integrity, and professional excellence is at the core of our mission.

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Affiliated Coach Directory


Confirm if an Affiliated Coach is in
good standing with the Registrar.

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Upcoming Events

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European Mentoring and Coaching Conference

March 01, 2017
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa

Edinburgh Scotland,

conference consisting of three keynote speakers, a panel, over 40 sessions, a choice of two pre-conference MasterClasses, plus two fringe sessions being run by EMCC UK and much more

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14th Annual Executive Coaching Conference

March 07, 2017
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Westin New York at Times Square
Westin New York at Times Square
ny, NY

Coaching has arrived in the business place, and it is quickly becoming an integral tool to help leaders, teams, and organizations thrive in constant change. At the 14th Annual Executive Coaching Conference, we will focus on the many ways in which coaching

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March 09, 2017
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

BPS London Office
30 Tabernacle Street, London, UK


In this masterclass, we will look at how to deepen our capacity to be present to the client, to listen beyond their goals, and to go beyond our techniques in order to serve the client in discovering an authentic articulation of who they are.

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What is served by being a big fish in a small pond?

Three years ago, I was asked a similar version of this question by my future mentor Dov Baron. He phrased it as something like, “Who are you hurting by playing small?” When I first heard his question, sitting in the audience among hundreds of others
02/07/2017 | admin | 0
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‘Tis the Season of Reflection

I love the month of December. It’s one of my favorite times each year, because people are encouraged to be generous and kind, and spend time investing in their most important relationships. I look forward to being with my family, sharing old memories...
12/06/2016 | admin | 0
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