How to Coach Like a News Anchor

Every day we hear something new on the news that peaks our interest. News stations change topics often; but, the theme is to bring our attention to the screen so they can show us why their news channel presents news better than any other outlet in the game.

As it pertains to coaching, we are encouraged to pick a niche’ so we can make it our specialty.  A great goal is to think of coaching in some ways like a television anchor and tweak your niche’ just like the news so that people realize you’re the best coach in the game.  Unfortunately for us, the one issue that holds us back like many others is our fear of not being successful.  On the flip side however, the news teaches us that with all of the outlets that exist there are enough viewers to go around. This is the same concept you can apply to your practice.  There are enough clients to go around so that all of us coaches can present what we have as the best for our target client like the outlets do for their target viewers.

When thinking about today’s news, it can be depressing because there are a lot of alarming things on the news. The good news, however for coaching, is that we can use the concept of what is alarming as a tool for our clients. What is alarming to me as a coach is that there are a significant number of people worldwide who simply aren’t happy in life. It is also alarming how many people live in mediocrity and when they finally get to a coach, the “aha “moment happens so quickly they realize they’ve been suffering too long needlessly.

As you continue your practice, remember the practice itself is ever changing like the world we live in. The topics that are important today may not be as important as yesterday but if you remain flexible in your approach you will be able to cover the “story” of your clients with ease no matter what it is.

by: Aleasa M. Word, CLC, CEIC
Managing Director, Allergy Words Consulting, LLC
Board Chair, Society of Emotional Intelligence Tri-State Chapter

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