Ready or Not…. The New Year is Coming!

Ready or Not…. The New Year is Coming!
by Linda Fliss, M.A.

January 1st in almost here! It’s a day for many of us to plan our goals for the upcoming New Year!

I just LOVE New Years Goals! As a life coach, I create goals and plans all year long, however; I love the FEEL of excitement and possibility of a new year.

Unfortunately, many of my clients have lost their excitement for their goals. Either they have been let down by their previous attempts at their goals…. or intimidated by the nay-sayers who mock New Years Resolutions on social media (we REALLY need to ignore those people!).

What makes a good New Years Goal?

  • I really want to fit into my jeans again!
  • I want to find a way to be a happier person.
  • How can I finally achieve this weight loss?
  • I wonder if I will ever have more energy for the things I love?

People do not succeed at their goals because they write down their wishes on paper.

Every successful New Years Goal needs to be carefully considered and strategically created. Let’s take the time to create a successful goal for you!

What would you like to achieve in the next 90-Days?.

It is important that you follow a very simple structure when you create your goal. You need to make sure that your goal is S-M-A-R-T:

    To be effective, your goal must be clear and unambiguous. Make sure your goal includes specific actions, behaviors or results to be considered successfully met.

    How will you know when you have reached your goal? A solid goal needs to be tracked to determine your progress. You can figure out a way to measure your goal by asking “What data would I have to look at to determine if my goal has been met?”

    An attainable goal is an honest goal that honors your abilities and struggles. It is important to choose a goal that will challenge you, but is not so difficult that you become frustrated and lose your motivation.

    Make sure your goal is something that really matters to YOU and your continued personal growth. Don’t work for the next 90-days on a goal that someone else believes you need to work on. What is important to YOU? If you boyfriend thinks you need to lose 20#, maybe your goal isn’t weight loss! (Perhaps a “happiness” or a “get-a-new-boyfriend” goal?)

    Goals with a deadline are more concrete than flexible goals with no end date. By creating monthly, weekly, and daily objectives, we can celebrate accomplishments throughout the timeline! I choose to work on my New Years goals in 90-Day chunks. That way, they are less overwhelming. Of course, I always have the BIG PICTURE in my plan!

Wait! You’re not done yet!

Break your SMART goal into thirds. This will be your objective for each MONTH in the next 90-days. Make sure each part follows the SMART guidelines.

Break down your monthly goals into weekly segments! This will give you a weekly objective for each WEEK.

I don’t know about you, but I find weekly goals much less intimidating than monthly goals!



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