The Strategic Life Plan: Your Best Chance for Success

I realize more and more that so many of the people I meet every day are floating through life without a real plan. I used to joke with people about the 5 year plan, now I realize how valuable planning is. Better late than never, right? Have you ever sat down and put serious thought into your life plan? Do you put detailed intention into your day to day life to make sure you are on track to achieve that plan? If you are like most people the answer is no. Sure, you know what you need to do on a daily basis; work, kids, groceries, dinner, blah, blah, blah. And how does your day to day life factor into your long-term plan? The reality is that it probably doesn’t. Days turn into months and months turn into years. One day you wake up and realize things didn’t work the way you had planned. And yet, you never really planned, did you? You might have had an idea of what you wanted. You might have thought that things would eventually fall into place and just magically work out the way you wanted. Unfortunately life doesn’t work that way and going through life without a plan is no different than driving across country without a map. Sure, you will end up somewhere, maybe eventually make it across. Is that really the best strategy? Of course not. One thing that I have learned this year more so than any other is to truly value my time. Don't waste even a moment of yours on anyone or anything that doesn't make you better, stronger or happier. Make time every day for the people you love and spend more time doing what you love, even if it's only for 5 minutes. Start today, do it now. Your time is the most valuable gift you have.  

So where do you begin? I know firsthand that reason the most of us don’t plan is because it just seems too hard. The idea of becoming that clear on what we want and devising a plan can be scary.  Writing out what we expect of ourselves is overwhelming and so we just don’t do it.  This is where a Strategic Life Planner comes in. A Strategic Life Plan can help you to breakdown the big scary parts into realistic achievable steps so that you can determine your plan and develop an actionable to strategy to make it a reality. No matter how big or small your goals are, start today and give yourself a clear path to success. Believe in yourself and know how capable you truly are of achieving your every goal, wish dream and desire.

by: Aja Stanley, CPST
Aja Stanley is a Personal Strategic Coach. You can learn more about her work by visiting:

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