Big Dog

Big Dog's Mission.

Did you know? Harassment and bullying have been to 75 percent of school-shooting incidents.

Your child might be hiding the fact that he/she is getting bullied in school.
Did you know? Everyday 160,000 children skip schools because they fear bullying?
Faisal Khattak aka Big Dog is a dynamic Anti-bullying speaker and certified Anti-Bullying Coach. His motto is, “Big Dogs never get bullied.”

Big Dog is not about physical size. Big Dog is a child who has an enormous confidence, powerful voice and a great self-esteem. This child stands tall and no fear in his/her eyes when faced with a bully. Faisal believes in equipping children with his simple and very useful Anti-Bullying tools. Children can use these tools right away to become bully proof. It’s like they are wearing this invisible cloak and bullies can’t see them. Bring out the Big Don in your child.

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