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Finally, a truly affordable coach training program offering the most effective "turnkey" model of coaching guaranteed to get you to your goal of coach certification FAST! After all, what you really want to do is coach.

Founded by coaches for coaches, our coaching system uniquely enables our graduates to provide strong, effective, results-driven coaching with proven tools and methodologies. Offering one of the most comprehensive coach training programs since 1992, Express Coaching™ faculty members are professionally trained, experienced coaches who have developed their own unique private practices. Our exclusive "Success Conversion Coaching" model is built upon the eleven (11) Core Coaching Competencies and Ethical Standards recognized by most world-wide coaching associations.

The Express Coaching™ philosophy is based on one fundamental belief … “What you as an individual bring to coaching, is as important as any formal coach training that you elect to undertake.” We are passionate about the development of coaching as a profession and committed to seeing you excel as a personal coach.

Becoming a masterful coach doesn’t matter if you don’t have the knowledge of what it actually takes to become a successful coach and to enroll clients into your coaching program. No coach training is complete unless it provides you with a complete system for developing your business – from generating the type of income that you desire to effectively supporting your clients to reaching their goals and objectives. Coaches fail before they even get started because they’re missing a long-term coaching business success model. With proven coaching models, success systems and aligned personal support you have a recipe to make sure you live and coach brilliantly! We created our program for people like you who wish to receive a high-value coach education, get connected, get beyond the limitations of beginning a successful coaching business.

Our program offers ‘LIVE interactive training’ with your instructor and other students through the ease and convenience of teleclasses (regular long-distance charges apply).  As a teleclass student you receive a phone number to call that will connect you to your class instructor and fellow class participants. Join in from a comfortable, convenient location of your choice (home, work or a vacation destination) using your home land line, cell phone or even using SKYPE! You’ll experience first-hand this fun, innovative way to learn.

Opening soon – Express Coaching™ South Africa and our Certified Coach Practitioner Program in Spanish.

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The CCA is proud to represent the International Coach Certification of Graduates of Express Coaching™.