Partner With Us

Looking for an opportunity to become a more integral part of this amazing coaching community? We’re looking to add writers and community reporters to become permanent members of our team. These teammates would blog with us, research and report on current activities going on in coaching once or twice each month.

We want to create an informative, challenging, and fun collective of writers for the coaching community we can. We’re looking for contributors who want the same things. Please don’t apply unless you are willing to be a committed professional. 

Apply to Become a Regular Contributor

If you are interested, please read on …

  1. Let Us Get to Know You!

Answer the following questions in just a few sentences.

  • What are your coaching interests?

  • What are your writing goals?

  • What are you working on right now?

  • Do you have blogging experience?

  • Where have you blogged before?

  • How long have you been writing?

  • Have you been published anywhere?

  • What are four topics or areas that you would like to talk about?

  • What unique characteristic or outlook would you add to the coaching community?

    *Note: A great deal of experience isn’t necessary, but it will help us understand where you’re coming from.

    Here's what we need from you:

    1. Headline Practice

    Come up with three, catchy headlines for posts you would like to write. After the headline, summarize the post in one-sentence.

    1. Sample Post

    Please include a post between 400 to 500 words to show us your blogging skills. I highly recommend that if English is your second language that you ask for assistance in proofing your article before you send it (and have ongoing assistance should you be asked to join our community).

    If you are seriously interested provide the above information via email to: [email protected] with “Partnership Opportunities” in the Subject Line in the email.

    If you have specific interests that you would like to elaborate on, please let us know, we want to hear from you!

    We are excited to hear from you!