Peer Resources

With Associates across Canada, Japan, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom, Peer Resources provides the most widely used helping resource manuals, technical articles, and curricula around the world.

Peer Resources maintains the National Registry of Certified Peer Trainers and Training Consultants. We are Canada's leading authority for mentoring, coaching, and peer helping.
We have conducted hundreds of workshops, university courses, and in-service and professional development events with documented effectiveness.

Our staff members receive extensive training and are highly service-oriented. We work as a team, encourage innovation, and share responsibilities and results. Learn about employment opportunities with Peer Resources or review the organizational chart.

Since 1979, we have provided:

  • Nationally recognized speakers for conferences, meetings, public information, radio and television interviews.

  • Experienced leaders to train elementary and secondary students, university students, employees, community members, and senior citizens as coaches, peer helpers, or mentors. We provide leadership workshops and courses to train professionals as trainers and program developers for peer helping, coaching, and mentoring.

  • Established authorities and consultants to assist with needs assessments, support building, customized training plans, trouble-shooting, and program development, enhancement and evaluation.

  • Leading edge training guides, research studies and other resource material.

  • Service as a national clearinghouse for all levels and types of peer helping, coaching, and mentoring

  • Active and up-to-date lists of local peer helping and mentor programs in communities all across Canada and other parts of the world, enabling us to provide regional assistance and follow-up where needed.

  • Assistance to business and educational groups to identify and train their own personnel so they can assume continuous leadership.

We encourage coaches to use the Peer Resources Directory and apply for a listing. The requirements are simple:

  1. Must be a member of a professional association that provides a Code of Ethics or Code of Conduct available to the public such as the CCA;

  2. Must provide a reciprocal link back to "Peer Resources" on their own website on a page that is accessible from their main page (such as a "resources" or "links" page);

  3. Must be able to respond to enquires from potential clients typically within 24 hours.

Listings are free. Potential clients can search the listings by entering any search terms they believe are relevant and a list of coaches is generated. Only persons who are members of the Peer Resources Network can arrange to have their listings appear at the top of what ever listings are generated via a search.

The CCA is happy to count Peer Resources among our partners. Find out more by visiting Peer Resources at