Symbiosis Coaching

 Coach Training in the Spotlight!

Symbiosis Coaching™ is the largest Life Coach Training program in India and one of the most respected around the world.

Our students come from various backgrounds and from all parts of the globe. Here is a profile of just some of our students and graduates.

The aim of Symbiosis Coaching™ is to provide students with the opportunity to learn the practical craft of coaching in the shortest time possible. To ensure your success, we provide you with a complete "Turn-key" system. Our coaching model provides you with:

  • A model of effective coach/client relationship;

  • An effective client enrollment strategy;

  • Coaching session outline guide (you'll know exactly what to say as you learn!);

  • A supplemental coach manual containing hundreds of pages of ideas that you can customize to your own personal style and methods of deliver;

  • Affirmation Frame recordings (subliminal recordings to enhance your client's learning experience);


During the learning process, you will develop your core coaching competencies, practice them, and quickly become a master at them. Emphasis is placed on job-ready skills so that you can enter the field as a new coach with credentials corresponding to, and building upon your previous training and expertise. More importantly, you will learn the secret to building your professional services without having to ‘sell it’ to anyone. This well-kept secret alone is worth the entire cost of this course.

There is no previous experience or qualifications required prior to your enrolment into your course of choice. Programs are available to individuals of all academic backgrounds. Should you be unsure if you meet any general student requirements contact us at [email protected].

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The CCA is proud to represent the International Coach Certification of Graduates of Symbiosis Coaching™.