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       “A compass will always point you to true North and if you follow its path, you will surely never reach what you seek, for you cannot survive the swamps, rivers, and chasms you must cross on your way. If, however, you take your time, plan, and find routes around these obstacles, you will almost always reach your goal.” Abraham Lincoln

This quote from Abraham Lincoln is at the heart of our course structure at The Coach Training Academy.    We understand you want to be an exceptional coach and have a thriving business.   Now while you do not need to cross any swamps or rivers to become a coach, our school and instructors will help guide you to reaching your goals.

Reaching out to the communities of Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam , the founders and trainers of The Coach Training Academy are professional coaches and are excited  to share with you the proven techniques from their decades of coaching.The Coach Academy Trainers are among the most experienced and knowledgeable coaching professionals available. You can be assured that you will receive all the support and assistance needed to ensure your success.

Your confidence and competence will be the best it can be after training with The Coach Training Academy.Whether you are an existing coach, counsellor, psychologist wanting an accredited training program or simply considering a new rewarding career as a coach, we can help you reach your goals.

Our certified training programs will provide you with the skills to enter this exciting new field as a life coach, business coach or specialty coach.   Our proven success system is adaptable to your needs and propels our graduates to success.

The Coach Training Academy’s Success Coaching program contains 24 independent modules that are delivered over telephone conference call over 24 weeks. In addition to providing a curriculum based on the eleven (11) Core Coaching Competencies and Ethical Standards the program will assist you in developing a greater sense of self and confidence. Coaching will become a natural part of you as a person and how you relate to the world.

This is a complete A – Z certification training that covers coaching skills, business setup and marketing.

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The CCA is proud to represent the International Coach Certification of Graduates of The Coach Training Academy.