Certified Coaches Alliance

Founded by coaches for coaches the Certified Coaches Alliance (CCA) hosts an affiliation of working Coaches from 28 countries. Our Coaches span the field of coaching including professional and executive coaches, training and coaching service providers.

Dedicated to the highest level of professionalism and standards within the realm of coaching, our purpose is to inspire, champion excellence and to advance the coaching profession through the accreditation of leading-edge and on-demand coach specific training and to represent these programs on the international stage.

Wherever you see the CCA Logo you are assured that it represents some of the foremost and effective Life Coaches, Spiritual Mentors and coach specific training in the world of coaching.

Our goal is to recognize and reinforce inquiry-based approaches in our daily interactions in an attempt to create an ever expanding culture of coaches. The CCA strives to empower our affiliated coaches to make positive, strengthening choices, enabling their clients to achieve thieir highest aspirations in both their personal and professional lives.

The CCA is developing a new “Coaching in Action," which will includes:

  • Examining the ways we will acknowledge current practices;
  • Ways to enhance your existing “coaching” activities;
  • Professional development related to coaching;
  • New coaching research;
  • New programs pioneered by our affiliated schools of training.

Our reputation for excellence in coaching is based on clear ethical standards, thorough experiential affiliated coach training, and a commitment to ongoing professional development. The CCA strives to empower our affiliated coaches to make positive, strengthening choices, enabling their clients to achieve thieir highest aspirations in both their personal and professional lives.



The CCA's primary responsibility and trust is given to:

Deliver guidelines related to coach training to ensure that the development of coach training programming adheres to the established coaching core competencies;

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Program Accreditation

The CCA is committed to supporting the highest standards of coach training. Individuals signing up for coach-specific training programs recognized by the CCA can be reassured that the program has met the stringent standard of criteria that ensures they are providing quality coach training that adheres to the accepted coaching core competencies.

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B.E.S.T. BlackLife Coaches Peer Resources

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Code of Ethics & Standards

Promoting high ethics, standards, integrity, and professional excellence is at the core of our mission.

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Affiliated Coach Directory


Confirm if an Affiliated Coach is in
good standing with the Registrar.

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Upcoming Events

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AC USA East Coast Program: Provocative Conversations on Executive Coaching

January 21, 2021
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Online Zoom United States


Join the Association for Coaching (AC) USA East Coast for a new program: 'Provocative Conversations on Executive Coaching: Developing our Perspectives'. Participants will be provided a new paper to read each month prior to the month’s session and during

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Agile Coaching March 2021

March 08, 2021
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM



A multi-day workshop on learning the Agile Coaching mindset and skills, and using them to improve agile team development and performance.

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The 4th International Columbia Coaching Conference-2021

October 13, 2021
8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Teachers College, Columbia University
525 W 120th St
New York, NY 10027

Given that the state of our world in the months to come is uncertain, and we must prioritize the health and well-being of our guests and speakers, The 4th International Columbia Coaching Conference (initially scheduled for October 15-17, 2020) being postp

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‘Hope’ isn’t mere wishful thinking – it’s a valuable tool we can put to work in a crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world has prompted job losses and business closures, and an increase in stress and anxiety as lockdowns separate people from their friends and families. It’s become clear that we are struggling to maintain our mental ...
02/04/2021 | admin | 0
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Six evidenced-based ways to look after your mental health during another lockdown

Already experiencing pandemic fatigue, many of us feel ill-prepared for another lockdown. Yet this is what we must do, and maybe not for the last time. The problem is, the pervasive effects of the pandemic and the restrictions imposed as a way of ...
02/04/2021 | admin | 0
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Getting the Chemistry Right with Potential Clients

Most coaches find initial or more commonly termed ‘chemistry meetings’ a challenge, especially as most training providers do not cover this aspect of our work. The first is clarity about what you believe coaching is, the way you work, and how you add ...
01/22/2021 | admin | 0
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Multimodal Coaching – More than one Cognitive Behavioural Approach

In multimodal coaching, there are many coaching models used and each will belong to a particular school of approaches, sharing the same philosophy. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a therapy in its own right. At the same time it belongs to what is ...
01/22/2021 | admin | 0
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7 Life Lessons I Learned From Going From Employee to Entrepreneur

I was a statistic of losing my job due to corporate downsizing. Facing the loss of a job is a very frustrating, confusing and discouraging thing. But you can either let it break you or make you. I decided to let it make me. I refused to let the ...
12/28/2020 | admin | 0
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