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Leadership and Coaching Conference

May 21, 2017
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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Chateau Vaudreuil
Chateau Vaudreuil, Montreal, Canada

A new focus on the “Brilliance in the Room”…our sincere belief and our founding concept. 
We KNOW that CAMsters are truly masters and bring their experience, expertise, leadership, novel ideas, wit, wisdom and grace to CAM. 
As CAM2.0 is being designed, we have brought that belief to the forefront of the experience. 
There is no one that we can put behind a podium that can provide more than those already in attendance!

And so, We are back to the beginning – back to…

Conversation Among Masters

The Format is entirely built around YOU:

  • The Opportunity for Deep and Frivolous and Fun and Powerful CONVERSATIONS
  • COMPLETELY, Totally interactive design exclusively with Jack Canfield and other Conversation Starters
  • Designated Small Group Conversation Pits
  • Special Intimate Campfire Conversations
  • The Opportunity To Share and Question and Ruminate and Contemplate and Discover and…and…
  • An Environment for Breakouts, Breakups, Breakdowns and Breakthroughs!




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