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Mentoring and Coaching Research Conference

June 14, 2017
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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Greenwich University
Greenwich University, London, U.K.

Adapting behaviour is essential for effective coaching. Neuroscience can make a major contribution to effectiveness of the coaching process by raising awareness of existing behavioral patterns of coaches and mechanism, which enable coaches to adapt their behaviors accordingly. 

 It is worth noticing that, to develop themselves further, coaches have to be aware of their own behavioral preferences, and in what extend they tend to use them in their everyday practice.

During our presentation we would like to present the results of our preliminary study. Findings from our research will be useful for identifying these aptitudes, which are crucial for coaches to succeed, and therefore – in assessing the level of these aptitudes among coaching students or certification course delegates, in order to address the learning gap of individuals during coaching programme accordingly. Our purpose is also to support other coaches, that already provide their own services, in their professional development, namely to assess the competence gap and to address it on the individual level.





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