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LFC's EPIC: A Holistic Life-Coaching Event

March 27, 2020
8:30 AM to 3:30 PM
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The Crescent Beach Club
333 Bayville Avenue
Bayville, NY 11709

Get ready for one EPIC event in New York!

It's time to go back to basics and learn from the rules of simplicity and the wisdom passed down through generations.

Sometimes it takes being face to face in an immersive setting with no distractions to get you on track. Sometimes it takes a safe space with a supportive community to fully express yourself and realize your potential. Sometimes it just takes being real - REALLY RAW & REAL - to find that spark and use it to ignite the fire within.

  • Identify your purpose

  • Learn wellness principles

  • Understand your mind/body connection better

  • Design your life

  • Find your FIERCE self

  • Live a life of significance

  • Get back to the core human experience

Join us for TWO FULL DAYS of diving into who you are, what your purpose is, and how you can begin to navigate your way to what's most important to YOU.

Jihan Thomas, LFC Founder and YL Crown Diamond, brings 25 years of experience in wellness & success to an immersive two days of holistic life coaching a small group in learning about how to level up their lives. These interactive days will leave you feeling excited and equipped with the tools and resources necessary in helping guide you to meet the goals you set forth for yourself.

But be clear: We do not just want you walking away excited and doing nothing. You will likely be challenged. We want to SHAKE YOU UP! See life from a different perspective. Feel REFRESHED and EMPOWERED to design this life you've imagined and tap into your own innate strength and capability. We believe in you. It's time for you to go ALL IN and thrive as the holistic badass being that you are.

Entrepreneur, best-selling author, & general badass mom, Jodie Meschuk!!

When Jodie had her first child, she was like any other mother. She struggled to figure out how to cope with a fussy baby and tried to make the best choices for her son’s health and well-being. So she trusted the approach of traditional medicine.

Despite the nagging feeling that those midnight cries meant something wasn’t quite right with her son, she tried to convince herself that because he was a boy, he was just developing slower.

Until one day her instincts were confirmed.

She was told not only had she lost the son she once knew, but there was nothing she could do about it.
Jodie embarked on a mission to recover the son she knew she had lost. Armed with research, the experience of trusted therapists, the power of alternative medicine, and physicians, Jodie discovered a path to bringing her son back; but, most of all, she uncovered her voice.

She would never again let someone else call the shots when it came to her son’s health, especially when her gut was telling her something wasn’t right.

Jodie’s inspiring story is a journey of a mother, learning to listen closely to her intuition. Through grit, anger, a “watch me do it” attitude, and pure determination, she reversed her son’s Autism diagnosis.

Jodie will be teaching allllll about GUT HEALTH and its necessity in any wellness journey. As an extra bonus, this super-successful boss woman will do another talk on how to turn your passion into profits. You will find Jodie's approach to life and business both relateable and refreshing. We are so excited to welcome her to NY with us!

Some love from our last EPIC event:

"Truly uplifting and the vision and mission of LFC are crystal clear. I really loved the way you got down to people’s true “why” as they were sharing their mission statements and appreciate those who were willing to share. Very inspiring!! Looking forward to our continued journey. Thank you for pouring yourself into this!!”

"I learned so much! I felt like I was going for an SAT school prep I learned so much in a short time… And it will stay with me forever because it was so important!! I couldn’t write fast enough I wish we had cliff notes printed LOL”

"Thanks Jihan, EPIC day it has renewed my purpose in life. Can't say enough. Thank you for giving us a piece of your heart.”

"Living Fierce has given me a way to create meaningful self-care in a stressful life that I love, but need a break from sometimes. Spending a full day with the opportunity to learn and grow from you is one of the best things I could do for myself - and ultimately everyone around me...We may not have been the large group you hoped for yesterday but I personally was extremely appreciative and grateful for both of your efforts and the more intimate gathering, the larger crowds tend to overwhelm me anyhow, I’m excited to be part of Living Fierce and look forward to staying on this road with you and all the other members.”

Each day ends at 3:30pm giving you time to play in New York City, walk along the beach at sunset, or just hang out with new friends in the LFC community! We are big believers in LIVING life and we want you to have fun.

This event is very exclusive. We do not want it to be overcrowded so that we can focus on each person's needs and you can get the most out of this experience. Register ASAP to guarantee your spot!

Investment: $329 includes breakfast, lunch & swag for BOTH days!


Attire: Dress comfortably! Yoga pants are fine.
Bring: Notebook, pen, sheet or yoga mat (we are not doing yoga)
Food: Breakfast & lunch are included both days in your ticket and have dietary needs/restrictions in mind. The menus are FABULOUS! You will have plenty to choose from.

Closest airports: LaGuardia, JFK




We have room for a limited number of vendor tables. This does NOT include a ticket to the event itself.
All vendor tables will be outside of the speaking area. No electric available.

Please contact us before getting a vendor table to make sure the event will suit your needs.


***No refunds are given - no exceptions - but you may transfer your ticket.***