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ONLINE WORKSHOP: Embrace Your Business Purpose & Discover Your Future

September 16, 2020
9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
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William Street
Glasgow City, G3 8HT

Are you living in your purpose? Are you doing the thing you were born to do?

If you want to achieve dreams, you have to set a plan for yourself and commit to your purpose. Your purpose will be your guiding and driving force especially when times feel challenging and will be the reason you lean in and don't lean back!

But what is your purpose?...It is your gift to the world and your reason for living.

Have you discovered your purpose?

If you have, how is it showing up in your life?

Is it present in your business and informing your every behaviour and goal?

If you aren't sure yet that's OK because you are here today and this can be the start that journey of exploration!

However, keep in mind that if you aren't living your purpose, you can't lead from it. Ask yourself, would you be ok being led by someone who isn't clear about their purpose?

This half day online workshop supports you to discover your purpose and explode your potential. It will heighten your connection to:

1. what purpose is currently leading you,

2. what purpose means for you and the value it has in your life.

3. what is your vision that is going to determine how to bring that

purpose to life.

4. the #1 reason you are holding yourself back from getting where you want to be.

5. the biggest opportunity to create transformation in your business and future.


This workshop is for any business owner, leader or entrepreneur who is:

* feeling stuck

* not satisfied with their life

* feeling that their business is overwhelming

* just wanting more balance and happiness (after all isn't that why you started your business?)

* longing for a better life for themselves and their family or

* just open to the potential of achieving more

This workshop is focused on TRANSFORMATION rather than INFORMATION and consequently there are limited spaces.

Join Mary Ann in a FREE 2 hour workshop where her number one priority is to leave you ready to show up as a leader of your business so you win every day.

During the session Mary Ann will help you with any questions or blocks you have related to growing your business and will give you live coaching on how to move forward if you are open to it.

All you need is a quiet space for 3 hours and an old fashioned pen & paper.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Mary Ann

P.S. I am creating a movement of Purpose-Driven businesses - would you like to join me?