Meeting/Event Information

Mentoring, Coaching, and Sponsoring Online Workshop

Skyrocket your teammates' growth by learning how to switch your management approach between mentoring, coaching, and sponsoring modes.

About this Event

As a manager, it’s important to balance your style between advice-giving mode (mentorship), active listening and curiosity mode (coaching), and empowering mode (sponsorship).

In this 2-hour online workshop, we will define and practice each of these skills, and talk about how to know when to employ one over the other - especially when you’re managing people who work really differently than you do!

Why attend?

The class size for this workshop is capped at 12 people. This will be an incredibly small group (unlike the typical 40 attendees at an in-person Wherewithall workshop!).

This will be the best opportunity to connect with Lara outside of her coaching practice, and you'll walk away with:

  • tons more experience choosing and switching between mentoring, coaching, and sponsoring
  • brand new game plans for your one-on-ones
  • a new understanding of why sponsorship is so much more effective for members of minoritized groups
  • extra resources for honing these skills after the workshop
  • new connections with folks at other companies who are wrestling with the same challenges

Previous participants' feedback:

"I loved the 'live' mini coaching and mentoring sessions. They really demonstrated that any of us can at least get started coaching or mentoring, even if we don't know the person and even if we're just learning mentoring/coaching skills!"

"The sponsorship portion forced me to think differently about my personal network and how sponsorship can be utilized for our company's diversity efforts."

"applied practice and hearing actionable insights- I think it was just the right blend!"

Who's the instructor?

Lara Hogan is an author, public speaker, and coach for managers and leaders across the tech industry. As a founder of Wherewithall, Lara and her team run workshops, roundtables, and trainings on core management skills like delivering great feedback and setting clear expectations.

Before Wherewithall, Lara spent a decade growing emerging leaders as the VP of Engineering at Kickstarter and an Engineering Director at Etsy.