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The Maine Coast Coaching Conversation: An Advanced Professional Symposia

May 02, 2017
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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Harpswell, Maine

Harpswell, Maine,

Distinctive, intimate experiential learning events only for experienced professional coaches.  No keynote speakers. No passive sitting in a large meeting room listening to experts speaking about their own coaching strategies and successes.

  • Symposium participants engage in live coaching with organizational clients;
  • We hear the clients’ candid comments regarding the coaching process and their cases;
  • Coaches debrief the coaching strategies and approaches they observed;
  • Client issues are also processed from a consulting perspective that is integrated with the coaching insights to generate more complete client solutions;
  • Clients and coaches discuss the results from a recent Survey of coaching practices, and its professional implications for coaches and coach trainers.
  • Participants experiment with the “Balint Method”, which has been used for many years by physicians in their development, and which has recently been pioneered with powerful effect for professional coaches.


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