Affiliated Coaches Area



Welcome to the area for Affiliated Coaches! This area is for YOU!

It is the intention of our Advisory to continue to develop tools and resources that can be easily incorporated into your daily process, while at the same time, be of benefit to you and your coaching business.

If this is your first visit to this part of our website, we encourage you to explore. In this section you will find:

  • Online Member Application - for easy renewal of your International Certification;
  • Papers and Publications;
  • Resources;
  • Papers and Publications;
  • Forums;
  • Success Library;
  • CCA Store.

Much of the old favorites remain in the area for Affiliated Coaches. We've added a few things that will be of interest to you, however, we want to draw your attention to the new "Classifieds" section. Currently it is unpopulated, however, its continued availability will depend on your participation. This is where you can post your own works that you have for resale, post your workships or specialty news that may be considered relevant to other Affiliated Coaches.

General Rule for the Classifieds: Keep it professional! Affiliated Coaches are not permitted to directly or actively promote services to another Coach listed in the Classifieds. Any such activity reported will result in a fine upon the next International Certification renewal. Any fines applied must be paid before Certification will be renewed. Consistant use of the Classifieds to direct market your services or products to Affiliated within the Classifieds may result in banning the Coach from the Affiliated Member's Area. Should you be directly marketed to or find an inappropriate posting in the Classifieds, please contact the CCA Support Team at [email protected].

The CCA's International business within the coaching industry culminates in three distinct URL's. What is the role of each?